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experience of the business world and the different areas

The MBA at Westfield Business School offers the students a general experience of the business world and the different areas they have to undertake in order to occupy a high management position and take on the ramifications that any business decision entails.

The complexity, uncertainty, and dynamics of a global business are part if the context Westfield Business School focuses on by trying to identify opportunities, by creating and promoting innovative projects and by leading challenges within an ongoing business environment.

The program is aimed at executives and personnel in management, entrepreneurs, consultants and all the professionals who are looking for a deep understanding of the key factors of a business and the operative points of view from the different departments within a company.

To offer the students a general experience of the business world and the different areas they have to undertake in order to occupy a high management position and take on the ramifications that any business decision entails.


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Class Profile

The students must have a Bachelor’s Degree and/or a degree in Engineering. The students must have experience working in positions in Management and extensive experience in Business Management.


Business Administration 25%
Engineering and Telecommunications 42%
Economics and Finance 80%
Other Degrees 25%

Professional Experience

Management 3%
Head Department 30%
Supervision and Coordination 22%
Consultancy 7%
Analyst 11%
Comercial 8%


Average Work Experience
6 years

Average Age
32 years old


Start date: March 5th 2020

End date: June 17th 2021

Cohort dates: february, june y october

Academic content

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Online + 1 International Experience

17 months*

(*It includes the 13 school months plus vacation)

38 credits

2 Professors
Senior Lecturer + Senior Practitioner

Case method based in Triple Bottom Line Thinking

USD $15.000



first study block: “Tracking the Being”


second study block “Core”


Business plan


international experiences


Personal assessment

This is the first part at the beginning of the masters. Once students are enrolled in the school, they receive a personalized service which is flexible to their calendars.  “Tracking the Being” has four stages, whose main objective is to develop all the necessary skills to achieve the highest results and to develop the attitudes that any person would need to manage and lead projects to success.


core courses

In each class, the experiences starts with a question “What’s the problem?”. The answer is then built as a group in a conversation between Practitioner and students. A collaborative environment facilitates interaction. Said interaction is not based on isolated answers to a question that has been asked. It is about a dynamic discussion guided by the Practitioner and in which every intervention by the students counts.



The objective of this course is to develop the ability of using analysis tools which will allow the student to systematize a process, from the abstract idea to a reasonably plausible business plan. This plan will have a solid financial justification from an entrepreneurial point of view.

The business plan is a document in which students identify, describe, and analyze a business opportunity; they also assess its technical, economical, and financial feasibility, and develop all the necessary procedures and strategies to transform the opportunity into a concrete business project.


Personal Assassement

Coaching semi-personalizado de

Operations Management
and Strategy

Part 1. Operations Management
Part 2. Operations Strategy
Part 3. Digital Business

Part 1. Talent Development Management
Part 2. General Management Principles

Management and Financial Accounting
Part 1. Management Accounting
Part 2. Financial Accounting

Marketing Management
Part 1. Marketing Strategy
Part 2. Strategic Marketing

Budget Management & Strategic Analysis
Part 1. Cost Accounting Systems
Part 2. Budget Management

Financial Analysis & Corporate Finance
Part 1. Financial Analysis
Part 2. Valuation and Investment Analysis

Strategic Management
Part 1. Business Strategy
Part 2. Strategic Decision-Making

Integral Management Projects
Part 1. Business Policy
Part 2. Project Management

Strategic Market Orientation
Consumer Centered Sales Management &
Trade Marketing

International Business
Part 1. Economic Environment
Part 2. Brand Building and Communications

Advance Management Accounting
Triple Bottom Line Thinking

Business Modeling & Planning

Strategy Implementation


international experience

With the objective of strengthen the students’ management and practical leadership skills in the Strategic and Policy Management in a company , the masters is complemented with advance courses in general management.

The courses deepen in management in the processes of defining and developing a business strategy as well as in the executives’ leadership skills in a company in a comprehensive way. Begin successful demands to things: that the organization is perceived as leading outside and that the manager is a leader in the inside. This is what we could call the business vision and the government vision.

The courses are developed in a face-to-face, intensive way, with a combination of methodologies, including preparing and discussing concretes situations in business (case study methodology), workshops, role playing, among others, all of them focused on each session’s objective.

Choose one week  in one of these cities:

San Francisco & Silicon Valley – Boston – Madrid & Granada – Miami – Singapore

Salesforce Visit – San Francisco / Silicon Valley
International Experience 2019

Microsoft Visit – Singapore
International Experience 2019

GreentownLabs Visit – Boston
International Experience 2019

The Place Visit – Madrid
International Experience 2019


The Business School Faculty is a group of professors who combine their broad consulting and business experience with teaching skills, research, and teaching in international contexts. The Florida Department of Education (Commission for Independent Education) supervises and regulates each faculty member’s qualifications for the specific subject they teach.  The reference value for the faculty is, besides their qualification, their dedication and participation in anything that applies to their teaching.

These are some of them:




Abanto, Andrés

* Management
* General Management Principles
* Talent Development Management
* Triple Bottom Line Thinking
* Business Policy
* Strategic Management
* Business Strategy
* Marketing Strategy
* Sales Management
* International Marketing
* Operations management
* Operations Strategy
* Strategy and Balanced Scorecard

> PhD Management – UQÁM Canada.
> Executive MBA – UQÁM Canada

Arria, Nelsy

* Financial Accounting
* Financial Analysis
* Valuation and Investment Analysis
* Valuation and performance business,
* Management and Financial Accounting
* MDF Final Postgraduate Project
* Corporative Finance
* Quantitative Methods: Mathematics and Statistics
* Budget Management
* Management Accounting
* Cost Accounting Systems

> PhD in Education – Universidad Bicentenaria de Aragua (UBA) – Venezuela.
> Master of Accountancy – South Carolina University

Cupit, Patricia

* Operations Management
* Strategic Management
* Leadership
* Marketing Management
* Integral Management Projects
* Business Modelling and Planning
* International Business
*Strategic decision making
* Business Strategy
* eCommerce

> Doctor of Management, Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs CO.
> Master Architecture and Urban Planning, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe, Argentina

Fuenmayor, Jesús Alberto

* Management courses

> PhD Organizational Learning and Leadership with Human Resources Development – Barry University Miami Shores, FL.
> Master of Science Tesol and technology – Barry University, Miami Shores, FL

González, Ernesto

*General Management Principles
* Business Policy
* Marketing management
* Marketing Strategy
* Brand Buildng and Communications
* International Marketing
* Business Strategy
*Operations Management
*Operations Strategy
*Strategic Decision – making
* The triple bottom line: Executing on economics, environmental and social bottom lines

> Graduate certificate in Marketing. Cornell University (New York).
> PhD. In Business Administration.
Universidad de Oviedo (Spain).
> MBA. Universidad de Oviedo (Spain).

Mercader, José Luis

* Budget Management
* Management Accounting
* Cost Accounting Systems
* Business Modelling & Planning
* Financial Analysis
* Valuation and Investment Analysis
* Managing Innovation & Corporate Entrepreneurship
* Leading change
* MDF Final Postgraduate Project
* Business Modelling & Planning
* Scenario Study & Control Analysis
* Business Performance Appraisal
* Marketing Strategy

> Online teaching Certification. SUAGM Puerto Rico
> Philosophy Diploma. UMA Caracas (Venezuela)
> MBA. University of South Carolina
> Bachelor in Economics. UCV Caracas (Venezuela).


American MBA

Commission For Independent
Education, licence No. 4569

+ European MBA

European MBA, by EIG.

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Postgraduate students may request assistance in the development of publication material and / or contributions to research while working on their final project or business plan. Semester hour credits will be granted for assistantships on a case-by-case basis. The assistantships do not constitute payment for services rendered. The Assistances are feasible after approval of the project’s approach by the school.

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